Ayla Rae Gia Skirt in Wine

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Ayla Rae Designer label Gia Wine Skirt

I designed this skirt after dressing hundreds of girls and wanted an option to solve the many issues I kept facing with traditional dress options. 

Here is why I love this:

  1. Don't be limited to the length of a dress, pick the skirt length you want
  2. These skirts are super stretchy and will fit 3-4 sizes, go full length and wear it for years to come
  3. Not your average tutu, these skirts are all about quality, satin lining, long fluffy tulle and a hidden waist band
  4. Be your own designer and create a semi custom dress by choosing your own top and bottom
  5. Multiple sizes to fit all the girls in your wedding
  6. Versatile skirts that you can mix and match, pick three colors or style for a design all your own
  7. Gift your girls with a dress that they can wear again - Mom approved
  8. Take two skirts and switch them up from the ceremony to the reception
  9. Pair with a different top or bodysuit for a whole new look

* Please note that this is just a skirt and not a full dress. Pair it with any of our beautiful designer bodysuits or belts