Heavenly Hues - Pastel Rainbow Birthday Dress Inspiration

Heavenly Hues - Pastel Rainbow Birthday Dress Inspiration

Posted by Vonda-Lee Sharun on 2021 Apr 3rd

        Drift away with us to cotton candy clouds of tulle, chiffon, and lace in the prettiest shades north of the horizon. This pastel rainbow features all our favorite colors, just perfect for your little ones birthday party or celebration - sure to bring the sunshine to your day.

        Finding the Perfect Birthday Dress for Your Child

        The most important thing when dressing kids is comfort. Pick a birthday dress that not only looks cute but also one that will get a lot of wear. My daughter, Rae, will find a dress for a season or event and never want to take it off. I always love to help her pick a dress for her party that she will wear all year long. 

        • Comfort- Look for stretch material for the top and comfortable lining in the dress. Don't forget the "Spin Test" to make sure the dress works well for play and hangs nicely.
        • Co-ordinates- I love getting a two piece set (top/skirt) and it can open up so many options for outfits. Wear it together as a set or wear the top with jeans to school or the skirt with any top or sweater. When you invest in a dress that will get lots of wear.
        • Style- I LOVE themes for birthdays and there are so many beautiful dresses available that you can find the perfect dress for any event in your budget. Pick a color or even character and consider reaching out to a local seamstress to get your dress made. We love working with clients on their design, so let us know what you are looking for.
        • Fit - Every child is built differently. We are happy to make dresses custom to your measurements (at no extra charge), but if you can't get a custom dress a design with these elements will be easier to fit:
          1.  A waist sash is a great way to help a dress fit right. Dresses with a sewn in sash can often fit for a few years as you can tie the sash smaller on a bigger fitting dress.
          2. Go a little longer then you might think. I always look for a hemline below the knee, that way you won't have to worry that they grow out of it too fast or that it fits shorter then the picture.
          3. Top closure on a dress. An open back is beautiful, but look for a closure near the top of the dress so that it doesn't fall off shoulders
      • Rainbow Kids Birthday Dress Guide

        There is nothing more beautiful than a pastel rainbow for a birthday party. Pink one color or chose them all for the perfect birthday celebration. 

        We ABSOLUTELY LOVE PINK!!! And happen to think it is the perfect shade for a party dress. For a First Birthday to Sweet 16, we have options for them all. Shown Above is our Penelope DressPaige Dress in Pink and our Pink Lace Top and Ombre Blush Gia Skirt (Keep them as separates or sew them together).

        Our Rachel in Butter Cream or Teal Sweetheart Dress are a beautiful option for a party dress. Be sure to check out the links to see the backs of these beauties with gorgeous bows and button details. 

         Our Ombre Gia Dresses are MADE for this look. The ultimate birthday dress, they feature 6 layers of fluffy ombre tulle over a poofy and luxurious satin lining. Customize the sleeves or colors for a look all your own. Shown above is our Ombre Blue and Purple Lilac Gia Dresses. 

        If you are looking for a MOMMY and ME party look, our beautiful Women's Petal Skirts are available in a variety of rainbow colors are a perfect way to dress for a party. We also make them in custom sizes to fit any shape or cut. If you are looking a for a specific color or size just let us know!


        Our Rainbow Gia Dress is available for custom orders and colors.